Fast Packout


Live Packout

Starting the claim right, with exacting details, is your path to complete contents control. With iCAT’s FAST Pack-out and LIVE Pack-out Technologies, you will have perfect packout data which can be used throughout the life cycle of the claim; instantly and on demand.

  • F-A-S-T	FAST

    Inventory 50% faster with the iCAT FAST Packout App available from iTunes. This flagship technology solution, powered by iCAT, enables users to speed through a packout and capture all necessary information (with custom tagging options) including images, room details, cleaning type, box type, pre-existing damages, item status, category, description, barcode number, and related accessories by using an approved iOS7 device.

  • L-I-V-EL-I-V-E

    Bing powered by true cloud architecture means iCAT delivers again the next generation of Packout Technology to the Restoration Industry: With the iCAT App running on your iPhone, iPad, or the recommended iPod Touch, users can complete packouts in real-time. As the Packout is being performed, your entire organization, including your adjuster and insured (if you choose), can watch it in real time.

  • Patent Pending TechnologyPatent Pending Technology

    iCAT protects and ensures their users always have the technology advantage within the marketplace.

  • Use iCAT. Grow. Prosper.

    Talk to a sales rep to understand how iCAT image recognition and auto LKQ technology lets you handle volume, while introducing an entirely new revenue model to your organization:  Non Salvageable Inventory & Valuation, powered by iCATLKQ.